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An Inside Look at Air Bubbles in Window Tint and How to Prevent Them

July 15, 2019

An Inside Look at Air Bubbles in Window Tint and How to Prevent Them

At least a few air bubbles are likely to form below your vehicle's window tint.  Even the best window tint installation team cannot prevent minor bubbling from occurring.  The question is whether those bubbles will remain or disappear.  You are not powerless in the fight against window tint bubbling.  Let our team install your new window tint and we will do everything in our power to minimize the bubbling.  You can also do some things on your own to prevent bubbling.

Window Tint Bubbling After Installation

Your newly-installed window tint might look a bit cloudy or have diminutive bubbles forming just below the film.  This is a common occurrence immediately after window tint installation.  Thankfully, there is a good chance the moisture below the window tint will evaporate in due time, making the tint as smooth as possible.  Let our window tint gurus install new tint on your vehicle and you will receive helpful guidance to prevent bubbling. 

As an example, it is in your interest to avoid cleaning the windows or rolling them down for at least a couple days after the tint is added.  If you clean the windows or mistakenly roll the windows down in the days following the installation, there is a chance you will pull the film away from the windows prior to the point at which the tint is completely dry.

Bubbling below window tint is also caused by excessive heat and the sun's ultraviolet rays.  If the temperature spikes to the 80s or higher or if there are not many clouds in the sky, the chances of bubbles forming below your window tint are that much greater.  You can prevent excessive bubbling by leaning on our team of proven window tint installation experts to add tint to your vehicle.  Sadly, many of our competitors use low-quality window tint that lacks the necessary 99% UV protection.

Additional Reasons why Bubbles Form Below Window Tint

As the window tint film sets, it is likely to tauter, meaning it will stretch or pull back, gradually eliminating the initial bubbles.  However, there is a chance these bubbles will last much longer than they should.  In most cases, bubbling that lasts is the result of dirt along the window prior to the point at which the tint was installed.  Dirt on the windows traps the surrounding air, causing expansion, especially if the window tint film is subjected to considerable sunlight.  The result is unsightly bubbling.

Clean Your Windows Prior to Window Tint Application

The window surface should be thoroughly cleaned prior to the application of window tint.  Though our team is more than willing to perform this cleaning on your behalf, it will help if you at least perform a superficial scrubbing of your windows prior to your window tint appointment.  Even a small amount of dirt, dust or other grime will heighten the chances of bubbles forming below your window tint.  

Invest in High-quality Tint

When in doubt, the best approach to preventing the formation of bubbles below your window tint is to spend for the best possible film.  High-quality window tint is that much less likely to bubble.  Our window tint specialists strictly use window tint manufactured in accordance with the highest possible standard to minimize the chances of bubble formation.  Our workmanship is second to none.  We adhere to all the suggested window tint installation guidelines to ensure bubbling is kept to a minimum or does not occur at all.  Reach out to us today at 713-CAR-GLASS (227-4527) to schedule the installation of window tint on your vehicle's windows.