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Dos and Don'ts After Getting a New Windshield

September 10, 2019

Dos and Don'ts After Getting a New Windshield

Now that your windshield has been replaced, it is important to treat it in the appropriate manner.  It is not enough to simply drive your vehicle and assume everything will be alright.  There are specific things you should and should not do after paying for a new windshield.  Below, we detail these “dos and dont's” for those who have their windshield replaced.


Do #1

Lower at least one of your vehicle's windows an inch or two for the entirety of the day or even two days after the windshield is replaced.  Lowering the window this amount permits the car to release the pressure that has accumulated when the vehicle door is closed.  If the window is not left open, closing the door of your vehicle can lead to the windshield popping out of its brand new seal.

Do #2

Minimize your driving to a certain extent the day after the windshield is installed.  If you drive over roads that are bumpy or drive at a high rate of speed, you might compromise the glue seal surrounding the windshield, causing leaks when the rain falls.


Do #3

Wash the windshield by hand in the couple days after it is installed.  When washing the windshield, use cleaners that are alcohol-free, ammonia-free and non-abrasive.  If you apply a cleaning solution containing abrasives, the new glass will likely be scratched.  Cleaners containing alcohol or ammonia will likely compromise the glue you rely on to seal the windshield so it remains in place across posterity.  Even seemingly minor damage to this seal can cause leaks down the line.


Do #4

Clear out the area inside the vehicle as well as the exterior around the windshield.  Otherwise, an object might push against the windshield' seal as it is drying. 


Do Not #1

Do not drive on the highway immediately after replacing your windshield.  If you drive at a high rate of speed, your windshield will be subjected to considerable force that causes it to detach from the wet glue seal.


Do Not #2

Do not slam your vehicle's doors or trunk.  Go easy on the doors and trunk for a full day after the windshield installation.  Otherwise, a slamming of the door will likely result in the windshield moving around in the new seal, causing it to be dislodged.  If your new windshield is dislodged, it will have to be re-sealed in order to provide adequate protection.


Do Not #3

Do not drive your vehicle into a car wash in the couple days after the new windshield is installed.  Wait at least a couple days before using a car wash drive-thru service.  Otherwise, the glue seal will not have enough time to cure.  Give your vehicle's new windshield at least two days to set and the subsequent exposure to car wash water and detergent will not pose a threat.


Do Not #4

Do not put a cover of any type along the vehicle's exterior for at least one or two days after the windshield has been installed.  Furthermore, it is a mistake to use a sunshade along the interior portion of the windshield.  Ideally, the entirety of the dashboard will be completely clean.  Remove all clutter along the dashboard that could potentially compromise the windshield.


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If you are even slightly suspicious your windshield needs repair or replacement, it is imperative you take action.  Fail to have your windshield addressed by an auto glass professional and it just might worsen to the point that it becomes unsafe to drive.  Contact our auto glass aficionados today to learn more about the merits of windshield repair/replacement and schedule an appointment.