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How Air Temperature Affects Windshields

November 15, 2018

How Air Temperature Affects Windshields

Rapid changes in air temperature can cause an automobile windshield to bust or crack. This phenomenon occurs when the windshield glass expands and subsequently contracts due to alterations in the air's temperature. The glass expands as hot air warms it, while cold air subsequently contracts the windshield glass. If cold windshield glass is subsequently exposed to warm air, it stands a better chance of cracking. This is exactly why those who work in the windshield repair and replacement industry are adamant that automobile owners should never attempt to defrost their windshield with hot, or even warm, water.

Examine Your Windshield at Regular Intervals for Signs of Cracking

Take a very close look at your vehicle's windshield from time to time, and and you just might find the initial signs of minor chips or cracks. If you find any such flaw, do not delay the repair or replacement. If you delay, there is a greater chance of needing a full replacement. A full windshield replacement will inevitably cost more than a repair or two. 

When in doubt, rely on our team of auto windshield professionals to help you make a truly informed decision as to the best approach to enhancing your windshield. Here are a few tips that will help you keep your windshield in tip-top shape no matter how cool or warm the air temperature gets.

The Impact of Cold Air on Car Windshields

Once temperatures dip down toward the 30s, the metal surrounding your automobile's windshield contracts. This contraction stresses the windshield, heightening the chances of cracks spreading. When temperatures decrease and the windshield freezes, you should do your best to warm up your vehicle and glass in a gradual manner. A slow warming reduces the odds of a crack expanding. You also shouldn’t turn up the defroster toward the highest setting, as it can cause an existing crack to expand or even spur the formation of a crack.

How Warm Weather Impacts Car Windshields

Warm weather is also a threat to auto glass. People are more inclined to travel when the temperatures are comparably high. Summer road trips are especially common. Therefore, plenty of auto glass chips and cracks occur during the summer months. If the temperatures are especially high, the heat will cause windshield cracks to spread. It is even possible for especially hot air to contribute to the need for a full windshield replacement. 

Time is of the essence. If you notice cracks or chips in your vehicle's windshield, reach out to the professionals for immediate assistance. Though there is not much you can do to safeguard your windshield against the weather, you can attempt to keep your vehicle in shaded spaces when the heat arrives. Do your best to park your vehicle in your garage or a shaded area beneath trees or other tall structures so the sun does not directly contact the windshield for the majority of the day.

All Auto Glass is on Your Side 

If you need assistance with your vehicle's windshield, reach out to our team of auto glass aficionados today. We will assess your auto glass, determine the best approach, perform the repair or replacement and get your ride back to normal. It does not matter if it is freezing cold or the dog days of summer; our windshield experts are here to ensure this protective barrier between you and the road is clear and reliable year-round.