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How Frequently Should Windshield Wipers be Replaced?

January 7, 2019

How Frequently Should Windshield Wipers be Replaced?

Most people wait to replace their windshield wipers after they fail state inspection.  This is a common mistake that ultimately makes driving that much more dangerous for all of us.  Let's take a quick look at the proper frequency for windshield wiper replacement.

Windshield Wiper Replacement Frequency Hinges on Usage

A senior citizen who leaves his or her vehicle in the garage and rarely drives will not have to replace windshield wipers as frequently as someone who is constantly on-the-go.  The bottom line is the usage level of your vehicle dictates the frequency at which the windshield wipers should be replaced.  Unfortunately, the average driver typically waits upwards of three years or longer to replace his or her windshield wiper blades. 

The sad truth is most people assume switching out those old windshield wipers for new ones is an arduous process that chews up time and energy.  However, those who attempt a DIY windshield wiper replacement typically find it is quicker and easier than expected.  Even if you dread replacing your wipers, you can still rely on the pros to replace your blades.  The experts can switch out those old wipers for new ones in mere minutes.

Take a Close Look at Your Windshield Wipers Every 6 Months

The windshield wiper aficionados are adamant drivers should inspect their windshield wipers every six months.  Though this might seem like a short amount of time, it is necessary as there is a good chance your windshield wipers will see considerable use during this period of time.  It is not only the wear and tear of the pounding rain, sleet, and hail that is a problem; debris is often caught in windshield wipers, causing them to deteriorate that much faster and even scrape the windshield.  This is yet another reason why you should have your windshield wipers inspected every six months.

The bottom line is your windshield wiper blades will gradually wear as time progresses.  The blades can wear to the point that they do not clear anything off the windshield.  Do not put your well-being or that of your loved ones at risk by continuing to drive with worn windshield wiper blades. 

What About Vehicle Owners who Rarely Drive?

Senior citizens and those who work from home often question whether they should worry about their windshield wiper blades as they rarely drive.  Industry experts agree windshield wiper blades rarely last beyond a year, even if they are of the highest quality.  If you rarely drive, you should still check your windshield wipers and auto glass at least once every six months for signs of wear and tear.  When in doubt, opt for a replacement as the last thing you need is to be stuck in the midst of a nasty storm without a means of clearing your windshield.  If the area has had particularly nasty weather, do not hesitate to inspect your windshield wiper blades even more frequently.

The Best Time of the Year to Change Windshield Wiper Blades

Ideally, you will have your windshield wiper blades replaced in the fall and spring.  The logic behind replacing windshield wiper blades in the spring is the blades are used to scrape away snow, ice, and freezing rain during the winter.  The rubber portion of the wiper blade will gradually break apart and prevent a thorough, clean swipe.  The logic in replacing windshield wiper blades in the fall is that the summer sun will also dry up the rubber, making the blades ineffective. 

However, there will be some situations in which windshield wiper blades must be replaced prior to the 6-month intervals noted above.  If you use your windshield wiper blades in excess due to inclement weather, do not hesitate to replace them to ensure you can quickly and thoroughly clear your windshield during the next storm.

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