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Signs You Need to Replace Your Auto Windows

November 15, 2017

Signs You Need to Replace Your Auto Windows

When it comes to car repairs, people often tend to forget that windows need maintenance, upkeep, and care too. Windows are one of the most important features in a car. You use them to check your blind spot, you look out at the scenery on long drives, and they help protect you from the weather conditions and debris outside. 

If you don’t know when to replace your auto windows, then here are three signs that you need to get them replaced.


There is A Crack

A lot of people do not replace their windows in a timely manner when there is a crack. Sometimes a crack starts off small and can take a year or so to increase in size. However, it’s best to get the crack taken care of now instead of waiting until it becomes bigger. There is always the possibility that the crack can give away and cause the windows to shatter, potentially hurting you and/or your passengers. Get the window replaced now instead of waiting when it’s too late.

Depending on where the crack is on your car, it can also affect your window molding. The window molding is a thick black seal that frames the car’s windows and protects the car’s internal environment from water, air, dirt, and debris. If the crack is close enough to the window molding, then the molding can easily get a crack as well and cause damage to the car’s interior. Replacing or reupholstering car seats can be costly. Take care of it now so that you don’t have to pay more later.


There is a Visible Hole

Sometimes a rock or some type of debris can hit your car window and actually put a hole in the window. It is very common for people to cover up any holes in their window with duct tape or plastic wrap. Often times the thinking is, “It’s just a small hole. I can save money and cover it up.” We advise against this do-it-yourself solution. Having a visible hole in your auto windows can actually cost you money. When you turn on the car’s air conditioner or heater, all that cold air and heat can escape no matter how much duct tape you used to seal the hole. This will cause you to turn up the air conditioner or heat and therefore you will be using a lot more gas just to cool or heat your car. Depending on how long it takes before replacing your car window, you would spend more money on the extra gas costs as opposed to the cost of just replacing the window. It pays off a lot in the long run just to replace the window now.


Malfunctioning Windshield

If your car comes with heated windshields, that means that the windshield glass contains some tungsten wires. These wires generate heat so that you can easily defrost your car in the morning.

If the heated system does not defrost your car like it used to, it is best to take the car in and get the windshield replaced.

Windows are an important part of your vehicle. It is understandable that customers would want to save money by putting window replacement services on the back burner for a while, especially since some problems such as window cracks do not pose eminent danger in the short term, however, it will only cost you more the longer you ignore the problem.

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