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The Best Way to Clean the Interior of Your Car Windshield

June 14, 2019

The Best Way to Clean the Interior of Your Car Windshield

The interior of automobile windshields often end up smudged, streaked or hazy.  Smokers' vehicles tend to have a thin film covering the inside of their windshield.  However, pollutants from within and outside of a vehicle can also lead to the generation of such a film.  The question is how to clean the interior of your car windshield without causing damage, leaving streaks or other marks.  It is not an option to leave the smudged or film-laden windshield as is.  Reduced clarity makes driving that much more treacherous.  Fret not, our windshield aficionados are here to help you keep the interior of your windshield perfectly clean.

Refrain From Using a Traditional Glass Cleaner

Plenty of people have tried to clean their windshield with a regular glass cleaner only to end up with even more streaks and smudges.  The type of grime that builds up on the interior of a windshield simply does not respond well to conventional glass cleaning sprays.  Regular glass cleaners merely move residue, dirt and oil around, leading to even more streaks.  Let's take a look at an unconventional way to clean your windshield that generates real results without the risk of exacerbating the problem.

How to Clean Your Windshield Interior the Right Way

You will need a unique cleaning solution to clean all the gunk off your windshield.  Start by mixing one cup of water with one cup of white vinegar in an empty spray bottle.  White vinegar will cut right through the dirt, oil and other gunk as long as you combine it with clean water within a clean spray bottle.  Be sure the bottle you select has been thoroughly rinsed before getting to work.  Once these liquids are in the bottle, shake it vigorously.  Put on some safety glasses, grab a couple microfiber cloths and towels and head out to your vehicle. 

Put towels atop the dashboard to prevent the cleaning solution and grime from compromising everything below the windshield.  If the cleaning solution drips down onto the bare dashboard surface, it will cause significant damage.  Start out by wiping the interior of the windshield with a dry microfiber cloth.  Wipe in circular motions to eliminate as much of the gunk as possible.  Spray the white vinegar and water solution over the entirety of the windshield. 

Wipe the interior of the windshield with a dry, clean microfiber cloth.  There is a chance the cloth will become excessively dirty.  If this happens, flip it to guarantee you end up with a perfectly clean windshield.  If necessary, use a new cloth that is clean and dry to ensure thorough removal of gunk that has accumulated across the entirety of your windshield.  If your windshield is especially dirty, it might be necessary to clean it several times over to ensure all the dirt, dust, allergens, bacteria and film are completely removed.

The Final Step

The only drawback to using white vinegar to clean the interior of your vehicle's windshield is the fact that it has the potential to generate an unpleasant odor.  If this odor does not dissipate in a timely manner and you are particularly sensitive, roll down the windows and take your vehicle for a spin around the block.  The influx of fresh air will clear out the white vinegar odor that much quicker.

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