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The Risks of Cheap Windshield Replacement

August 12, 2019

The Risks of Cheap Windshield Replacement

If anything goes wrong with your windshield, avoid the temptation to have it replaced on the cheap.  Though low-cost windshield replacement is certainly tempting, it is likely to backfire in a big way at some point down the line.  Below, we provide a quick look at the risks of attempting to replace a windshield in the cheapest possible manner.

Glass Quality

Most companies that provide windshield replacement at a discount use low-quality glass.  A reliance on low-quality glass is the only way to keep the costs down for the consumer.  The problem with low-quality windshield glass is it is likely to crack or break down the line.  If a windshield replacement service serves up an astonishingly low quote, perform your due diligence before giving them the go-ahead to replace your compromised windshield.  Find out what type of glass the windshield replacement service uses.  If the glass is not provided through a major manufacturer or if the glass does not meet or exceed standards for safety, move on to the next candidate.

Quality of Workmanship

Spend as little as possible to have your vehicle's windshield replaced and you will likely end up with a low quality of workmanship.  After all, the labor is just as important as the glass itself.  If the company attempts to cut costs by having inexperienced personnel perform the replacement, there is no guarantee the installation will be performed in the proper manner.  When in doubt, ask the windshield installation technician about his or her training.  It will also help to determine if the installation specialist is a member of the National Glass Association and/or the Auto Glass Safety Council.

Avoid Cracking

A poorly-replaced windshield is that much more likely to crack when subjected to pressure or considerable impact.  The bottom line is a windshield that is not installed in the proper manner will not be nearly as rigid as one placed in a careful and precise manner.  Can you imagine spending the same amount or even more yet again for a subsequent windshield replacement or repair?  This is the nightmare we can help you avoid with our high-quality, proven windshield replacement.

Insufficient Support for the Airbag

The placement of the new windshield also has the potential to impact the performance of the vehicle's airbags.  It is possible the airbags will fail to properly inflate or even fall off amidst a collision.  If the windshield caves in, the problem will be magnified that much more. 

The Potential to Shatter

Use your mind's eye to imagine a collision that puts considerable pressure on your vehicle's newly-replaced windshield.  The force is so strong that the low-quality windshield shatters upon impact.  A shattered windshield is that much more likely to put you as well as the person in your passenger seat at risk for cuts, wounds, and other considerable pain.

Additional Reasons to Avoid Cheap Windshield Replacement

Everything from the molding to the windshield wipers and interactive components must be considered when a windshield is replaced.  If the wrong glass is used or if the quality of workmanship is low, you might end up with damage to the molding.  It is possible the savings you are provided through low-cost windshield replacement will simply lead to even costlier problems down the line.  Take the road less traveled by paying for a high-quality windshield replacement that stands the test of time.  Let our team replace your compromised windshield and you will rest easy knowing this essential barrier will hold strong across posterity.