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Ways to Clear Frost Off Windshields

January 17, 2018

Ways to Clear Frost Off Windshields

We have all seen the lazy guy who clears just enough snow away from his windshield to form a hole he can see through. Clearing away snow, ice, and slush from a windshield is undoubtedly a task we all detest. Yet there are numerous ways to clear away frost from a windshield without spending an abundance of time in the bitter cold.

Plan Ahead by Creating a Spray Bottle Concoction

Fill a spray bottle with one part tap water and two parts rubbing alcohol. The spray bottle should be stored at room temperature rather than in the vehicle. Give the windshield a good spray and the ice will begin to melt right away. Let the solution rest on the windshield for a minute, grab the ice scraper, and everything will come off with ease.

The mixture's warmth in comparison to the ice is part of what causes ice to thaw. Heat also transfers to the surrounding ice that is still intact, spurring additional melting. Now some might be wondering why they can't simply splash water at room temperature on the windshield. Though warm water melts ice, that water will just end up freezing on the windshield, leaving you right back where you started. This does not occur with the mixture of alcohol and water as it has a lower freezing point than regular water.

Additional Solutions

Others enjoy success mixing one part water with three parts vinegar. Some find simply mixing water with a teaspoon of salt and pouring it on the frost does the trick. Others find adding dish soap to water clears away frost quite well. Just make sure the solution you settle on is not hot. Hot water has the potential to damage a cold/frosted windshield.

Consider A Creative Approach

Though few know of it, this nifty trick just might get the frost off your windshield: put the heater on high, turn the AC on, turn off the vehicle's interior air circulation and crack open the windows.

The Old Fashioned Way

It is always possible to warm up the vehicle, turn on the defroster, and scrape off the ice with an ice scraper. Though this certainly takes some time, it will get the job done.

Use a Commercial De-icing Formula

It is also possible to clear away frost from a windshield with a commercial de-icing formula. Spray it on at night and you will wake up with less frost than usual. You can also cover the windshield with cardboard, affix it in place with the windshield wipers and some tape and you will ultimately end up with less frost on your windshield.

A Remote Starter Will Certainly Help

Though a remote starter for your vehicle will likely run a couple hundred bucks, it is well worth the money. Use the remote starter to get your vehicle going from the comfort of your warm home, head on outside and you will have a fully defrosted vehicle awaiting. The only caveat to this approach is to ensure the vehicle's heater setting is on “defrost” when the vehicle is parked each night.

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