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What to Look for in a Windshield Repair Company

June 10, 2020

What to Look for in a Windshield Repair Company

No two windshield repair companies are exactly the same.  Some such businesses will rush through the work in an attempt to maximize their bottom line.  Other windshield repair companies pay close attention to detail, ensuring every project is done perfectly.  However, it is challenging to determine which windshield repair companies are worth their keep and which are unworthy of your business until you actually rely on them for repair work.  Below, we shed light on what you should look for in windshield repair businesses before selecting one for your repair project.

Glowing Online Reviews

Take a look at the windshield repair company’s online reviews before giving them your business.  The web has a litany of online review directories ranging from Google Reviews to Yelp and beyond.  Look up several prospects on these directories, check out their reviews and you will be empowered to make a truly informed decision about which company is worthy of your business.

Customer Service

You deserve to be treated as a human being as opposed to an opportunity to make money.  If you are not treated properly by the company in question, they are not truly earning their keep.  Take note of the manner in which the windshield repair company representatives interact with you from the initial phone call to the estimate for repair and so on.  If you feel uncomfortable or disrespected at any point, it is a sign you should keep looking for a company that genuinely appreciates your business.

Ask for References and Examples

The best windshield repair companies are more than willing to show visual evidence of their work.  Furthermore, these companies should jump at the opportunity to provide written and verbal references from satisfied customers.  Take a close look at the before and after pictures of windshield repair to get a sense of the company’s merits. 


Perhaps most important is the company’s years of experience.  Find out if the repair business has been around for a couple of months or a couple of decades or a length of time in between these extremes.  If the company has recently formed, their prices should be comparably low simply because they do not have a track record of success.  When in doubt, opt for high-quality repair from an experienced windshield repair business even if it costs more than other repair services.

Quality Assurance

The repaired windshield must hold steady over time.  Take a look at each candidate’s guarantees and/or warranties before selecting one for the project.  Opt for a business that provides quality assurance and you will rest easy knowing your repaired windshield will remain strong when you return to the road.  However, if the windshield ends up with additional damage in the aftermath of the repair, you won’t fret as the guarantee/warranty will kick in for a subsequent no-cost repair or replacement.


Your time is your money.  You need a functional and safe vehicle in order to live a rewarding life.  If the windshield repair company does not provide a fairly short timetable for rectifying your compromised glass, move on to the next candidate.  The bottom line is you need and deserve a timely repair that empowers you to get your vehicle back on the road sooner rather than later.

Few or no Complaints on the Better Business Bureau Website

Take a look at the top candidates’ profiles on the Better Business Bureau’s website.  This website provides feedback pertaining to the legitimacy of the company.  Furthermore, the Better Business Bureau website also lists customer complaints for everyone to see.  If the windshield repair company you have in mind has a considerable number of complaints, do not give them your business.