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What You Should Know About Auto Glass Chip Repairs

September 5, 2017

What You Should Know About Auto Glass Chip Repairs

There are numerous ways for auto glass to chip. The most common way is for a rock to fly up off the road and hit the windshield. Yet anything from kids horsing around in or around the vehicle to a stray bb pellet striking the glass or inclement weather like hail or sleet can cause a nasty chip. If you find such a chip in your auto glass, do not panic! There is a good chance the chipped section of the glass can be repaired. Here are the most important factors when it comes to auto glass chip repairs.

The Importance of Chip Size

The size of the chip plays a role in whether a repair can be performed. In general, if the chip is smaller than the size of a quarter, there is a good chance a repair can take place that will stand the test of time. If the chip is equal to the size of a silver dollar, a repair might not hold up across posterity. A chip in auto glass that is larger than the size of a silver dollar should not be filled as it probably won't hold and the windshield strength will be jeopardized.

Chip Depth is of the Utmost Importance

Most windshields and rear windows of vehicles are comprised of two glass panes. If a chip is present in the glass, it can be repaired if the chip breaches one of these panes. However, if the chip's depth reaches through to the second pane of glass, a repair will not be possible. This is due to the fact that the resin injected into the chip can't move all the way through both panes of glass. The bottom line is when the chip depth extends to both panes, the structural stability of the auto glass is weakened. It is not safe to drive a vehicle in which the windshield, rear window or other glass is compromised.

Cracks Coming Off the Windshield Chip

Plenty of chips are far from perfectly clean. Certain chips have diminutive cracks that stem outward, making it look like spider legs or tree branches are extending from the chip. If your vehicle's glass has a chip with such cracks reaching out from it, it probably can't be filled and will require a replacement.

The Matter of Chip Location

Once a chip is filled, the glass will not be completely perfect. You will see a slight imperfection where the chip was once positioned. This means if the chip is in your line of sight on your windshield or on the rear window, it might be prudent to opt for a replacement rather than a filling of the chip. If you have any questions as to whether a chip filling or a full auto glass replacement is ideal for your unique situation, consult with our team for an expert opinion. We will conduct an in-depth analysis of your auto glass chip and determine the best course of action.

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