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Windshield Pitting: Why It Occurs and What can be Done

August 8, 2018

Windshield Pitting: Why It Occurs and What can be Done

Most people have heard about nail pitting yet few are aware of windshield pitting. This form of pitting is induced by regular wear and tear on the windshield glass. Pitting occurs as dust, sand and other particles contact the windshield. Pitted windshield glass is a major problem as it poses a risk to you, the driver, as well as everyone else in the vehicle. In some cases, a full windshield replacement is necessary to restore visibility and improve the windshield’s structural integrity. In other cases, repair will suffice. However, it is always better to be safe rather than sorry. If windshield pitting limits or manipulates your driving vision in any way, do not hesitate to have your windshield replaced.

The Many Causes of Windshield Pitting

Aside from contact with sand, dust and other particles, windshield pitting can be caused by sleet, heavy rain, temperature alterations and even exposure to sea spray salt. Roadway chemical contaminants and traveling on highways or other areas with heavy traffic can cause minor cratering in your windshield. If possible, avoid traveling in areas with significant dust and sand as these tiny particles are a legitimate threat to your windshield’s integrity. Even if you avoid the threats detailed above, pitting can also occur on older windshields.

Why Windshield Pitting is a Problem

Driving a vehicle with a pitted windshield is dangerous as pitting reduces visibility. Decreased visibility heightens the chances of an accident, costly damage and a subsequent auto insurance rate hike. Though pitting might not prevent you from viewing the traffic ahead, pitting certainly causes glare that can make it difficult to see oncoming traffic. Pitting also makes it difficult to react in a timely manner to the road’s challenges.

If pitting is severe and allowed to remain for an extended period of time, it will decrease your windshield’s structural integrity, making you that much more vulnerable to a painful rollover accident or front-end collision. It is best to take care of this problem right away before it sabotages your road vision and your vehicle’s safety.

How to Remedy Windshield Pitting

In most cases, significant windshield pitting will require a full replacement. Simply polishing the damage has the potential to backfire as it can reduce the windshield’s protection, crating even more problems across posterity. Do not assume you can drive your vehicle without risk just because the pitting is not extensive. Even slight pitting can warp your view of the road and put everyone in the vehicle at risk. Pitting has the potential to distort your windshield, amplify glare and lead to cracks. Furthermore, a pitted windshield might not remain intact when contacted with any type of force, be it a wayward golf ball, baseball, hail, bird, etc.

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Reach out to our windshield gurus at the first sign of pitting. We will evaluate the problem, determine if a full replacement or repair is the best option and get you back on the road as soon as possible. Contact us today to schedule an appointment so we can analyze your windshield’s pitting and structural integrity.